Thursday, November 20, 2008

Skintillating Christmas Gift Suggestions…That Won’t Break The Bank

It’s not quite Thanksgiving, and stores have already put out the Christmas decs… another typical year. We know consumers are anything but typical this year. You’re probably looking for the best deals on quality electronics and accessories at the best prices. As avid creators and followers of personalized products, we’re recommending some of the coolest (or at least interesting) accessories for under $70.

Gifts That Make the Portable Experience Pleasurable
Does your niece need a mouse for her notebook? This chic “clicker” sells for about $20. Mice come in a variety of colors, but 8 new cool designs are being featured at Saitek . They’ve also got the matching keyboards, hubs, and mouse pads.

Your husband’s neck and back stiff from leaning over his laptop while lying in bed or sitting on the couch? Check out these cool laptop desks and cushions. Lap Works offers metal lap desks that help ventilate the heat from your laptop and come in trendy designs such as leopard print and a space-inspired print. This item costs from about $29 to $49.

Belkin also has laptop desks/cushions. The Belkin Cushtop comes in 4 colors including dove, steel, chocolate, and black, and runs about $34.99.

Gifts for the Mobile Phone Maniac
These accessories are not available in different colors, per se, but they appear to be stylish and practical. Could your significant other use a hands-free blue tooth device? The new Motorola blue tooth,MotoPure H12 might be small, but it’s very eye catching. He/ she is sure to get plenty of use and complements from this sleekly designed device. It runs from about $38 to $62, depending on where you buy it. It’s supposed to have noise-blocking technology and built-in technology that facilitates fit and comfort in your ear.

What about a gift that’s practical and safe? The Nubrella is a hands-free alternative to the typical umbrella. According to the makers, the Nubrella not only protects against rain, but also protects against wind chill, snow, and it's guaranteed not to invert. Wow, what a way of keeping your hair in tact and minimizing text message and phone conversation interruptions. The Nubrella costs about $49.99.

Memory-Making Gifts
You can’t go wrong with a unique flashdrive --whether it’s for the office holiday party or a gift for a friend or family member (who uses computers). USB drives come in all shapes and styles. Computergear features a “Wrist USB drive” that you wear as a writstband (2 for $50) and a “Dog Tag USB Drive” that you can wear around your neck ($29.99)…so you never leave your documents behind. You could also go with a cutsy iBear Flash drive that features baby angel, devil, santa, or panda bear designs. If you like bling has flash drives for less than $35 in various colors and designs.

Handmade Holiday Surprises
If you’re looking for something hand-made and stylish, check out ETSY . It’s an online market place that allows you to personalize your shopping experience while buying handmade gifts such as jewelry, clothing, furniture, and more. At Etsy you’ll find an array of cell phone accessories such as phone sleeves and cases, camera cases, and even organizers for your IPhone, at very reasonable prices. You can shop by item, price, color, and even location!

Everyday forms of Expression for Everyone
And of course Skinit has some of the most affordable gifts that can help accent the devices of your loved ones. For under $20 you can get a skin with pretty much any design you like. Skinit has an easy-to-use customizer that allows each customer to upload pics or other graphics to make a custom skin. So create a personalized gift with your partner’s favorite pic or your daughter’s favorite Disney character. Save 20% off your next purchase using coupon code PERFECTGIFT.