Wednesday, January 28, 2009

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Mom!!! Who Took My Phone?
My husband, Tony, decided to get the whole family the same style cell phone for Christmas—a great idea, cost effective and practical. While I walk from room to room talking to my sister about fashion finds, the kids sit in corners texting with their “BFFs”—Cyndi writes about Hannah Montana’s newest episodes, and Danny passes on game codes for the newest PlayStation video game. Despite our differences, the phones seemed to meet all of our needs--except one—identification. It’s a big dilemma when you look and wonder “whose phone is whose phone?”

Yesterday, in a mad morning rush to get the kids out to school, I spotted three identical phones sitting side by side on the coffee table. I grabbed the first phone and ran out of the door. The rest of the day was a virtual nightmare. I was disconnected from important clients, friends, and coworkers—you know, the real world. Instead I got on-the-hour updates of video game news feeds – do my kids really have that much time on their hands? Suffice it to say, it was not my best day. And, based on the number of gamer withdrawal complaints I got from my son, his day was worse!

That evening, I thought long and hard about a solution to this problem but got nowhere. Eventually I hit the Internet and that’s where I found—an online store where I can find custom and designer skins for all of our cell phones. Finally a way of distinguishing the difference and easily identifying our cell phones! As soon as I clicked on the site I knew what I wanted. Surprisingly it wasn’t fashion leopard or pink taffeta. Instead I clicked on the customization option and uploaded a picture of my kids—what better design for a proud Mom? I knew it wasn’t going to be enough to only skin my phone—so I gathered the kids and we went shopping. Cyndi chose a totally tween Hannah Montana design, and Danny chose a Frogger (whatever that is). We’re still working on Tony. Within a week the kids and I received our skins and never again were we inadvertently separated from our own lives. Skinit gave us the phone that truly meets our needs—a personalized, skinned one. Thanks Skinit!

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